Keepers of the Light

by Lightworkers Union

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Produced by Robin Applewood -
Recorded 08/26/17 @ Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA
Additional recordings @ House of Love Studios in El Cerrito, CA

Keepers of the Light, by Lightworkers Union, pays homage to some of the more well-known Lightkeepers of this Earth. The song reminds us that when, in our own unique way, we "echo their footsteps," we too become keepers of the light.

Prior to recording, the song was road-tested in prisons, jails, juvenile halls, drug-rehab centers, and homeless shelters, thanks to Bread & Roses, a non-profit that brings music to people in institutions or who are otherwise isolated from society. This resonates with LWU's mission to bring joy and connection through music. May this song uplift and inspire all beings whose path it crosses. Lightworkers Unite!!


Keepers of the Light
By: Lightworkers Union

Verse 1
There was a man who had a dream
He stood upon the mountain top
Judge a man not by his skin
But by the content of his soul
He marched for peace in Birmingham
Down to Selma, Montgomery
He brought his love into the streets
Until somebody shot him down

Chorus 1
He was a keeper of the light
A keeper of the light

Verse 2
There was a man from Bethlehem
He was a shepherd to his brothers
He laid a path for us to follow
If we would lay down our wicked ways
He gave sight to the blind
He turned water into wine
And always was forgiving
Even though they nailed him to a tree

Chorus 2
He was a keeper of the light
He take what’s wrong and make it right
He hold a candle to the night
Peace was his might
He was a keeper of the light
A keeper of the light

Verse 3
She was a mother to us all
She chose to live amongst the poor
Brought brothers and sisters in from the cold
She was a saint, whoa oh oh

Chorus 3
She was a keeper of the light
She take what’s wrong and make it right
She hold a candle to the night
Peace was her might

They were the keepers of the light
The keepers of the light
They hold a candle to the night
Peace was their might

And everybody singing now woah, woah, woah, oh,
Yes everybody singing now woah, woah, woah oh

Like the one who marched for peace
Be the change you wish you to see
Echoing their footsteps we are
Keepers of the light

The light that shines in you is the light that shines in me
This lil’ light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine
We are keepers of the light, keepers of the light
Keepers of the LIGHT!


released October 4, 2017
Producer: Robin Applewood
Studio Engineer: Alberto Hernandez
Mixed By: Robin Applewood
Mastered By: Piper Payne at Neato Mastering
Songwriting Credits: Christopher Bryden, Robin Applewood, Tony Glaser, Joe Glaser

Robin Applewood: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Backup Vocals
Christopher Bryden: Lead Vocal
Kevin Coleman: Drums
Daniel Erik: Bass
Jordan Feinstein: Piano & Hammond Organ
Tony Glaser: 2nd Verse & 2nd Chorus Vocals
Andy Kallick: Percussion
Francesca Lee: 3rd Chorus Vocals
T Sisters (Chloe, Erika, Rachel Tietjen): 3rd Verse & Outro Vocals

Artist Links:
Robin Applewood -
Kevin Coleman -
Daniel Erik -
Jordan Feinstein -
Tony Glaser -
Francesca Lee -
T Sisters -

Photo Credits:
Tom Dellinger - Live @ Rickshaw Stop -
Alex Grey - Cosmic Christ -
Bruce Harman - Jesus Meditating -
Tam Starita - Studio Photography -
All other images utilized in accordance with the Fair Use Act -

Graphic Design:
Isaac Blane-Zimberg -

Free Studio Time Provided By Bread & Roses -

Amelia Jasmine-Azul, Harry Bergbauer, Isaac Blane-Zimberg, Mark & Karen Bryden, Bread & Roses, Denise Carnero, Paul Devoto, Fantasy Studios, the Gaertner Family, Naked Soul & the Alma D community, Seaira O'Brien, Karthik Sankar, Michael & Tam Starita, Grandmother Liesel Tilles and to all huwmans & lightkeepers of the world.


all rights reserved



Lightworkers Union California

Lightworkers Union offers uplifting and soul-touching music to help the world.

Lightworkers Unite!!

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